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Good and Bye

We already promised

To never say the words Good and Bye.

As long as they are together

Between you and I.


I can cope with See-Ya-Later

Though the idea I do indeed despise.

I thought you would take it like a gator

But you took it like a kitten to my surprise.


When I am around it hurts me

For I don’t know what to say to you.

Especially when you said to be

Honest and true.


I am very sorry to say

This is something that can’t be done.

I would love to tell you and have you stay

Yet I am afraid that you’ll take it the wrong way and run.


I need you in my life

For the memories will never end.

I know I can never be your wife

Though I can’t live without you as my friend.


So please keep that promise

Between You and I

Never say these words together…

Good and Bye.




A New World

A world of Love & Laughter

For you and I.

A world to raise a family and know

That we can make it bye.


A world where there are Spring Breezes all year round

As you’re running naked and free.

Of all the places in the universe

That is the planet where I would like to be.


No one to bother you

Not a care in the world to break your mood.

Water that keeps you young

Fruits of wisdom as your food.


Oh how life would be sweet

If we could lay there covered with the only Golden Fleece

Staring at the stars and moon in total peace.


Where is this New World

I want to take you there now

If we work together and bring this New World upon us

We can make it, we will figure out a way how.


Bear with me a little while longer

And in this New World We will find

That our love will grow much stronger.



My Collection

Life is never as it seems

as you try to keep something

you don’t even have.

The harder you try

The harder you fall.

Though nothing feels so right!

No matter how many times you drop,

Get Up

Move Forward and

Try Again!

Because in the end you will find that you will get what you need and

Fate will take care of everything else.

What is… Is… And Life… Just is…

It’s up to you to make the best of it.

TOTD:  8/12/2003

My Collection

I always assumed  that homeschooling was obsolete, I knew some people did it, though I went to public school and pretty much thought that children had to do the same. Though I am learning that not only is homeschooling bigger that I ever imagined, but research also shows that homeschooled children may even be better educated…

Report: Homeschooling Growing Seven Times Faster than Public School Enrollment.

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Over the past few years I have been looking for ways to earn money through the World Wide Web, and it wasn’t easy, but I have found various ways of making and saving a little extra money doing surveys, daily searches, reading emails, even an electronic coupon site.  Though these things have not made me a real income, so for the past year I have been engrossed with finding a more efficient way to earn money, and that’s not including everything else I’ve been trying to tackle.

I’m trying to get 2 blogs up and running & researching how to utilize facebook & other social networks to try and earn money. I am taking free online courses so I can make a business proposal and have some credibility. I am learning how to grow more efficiently & dehydrate food properly to save food & money. I have tons of appointments coming, including kindergarten graduation. Vacation will be upon us soon which I have to homeschool over the summer because one of my children is being held back, two barely passed & I have to prepare one for kindergarten (so I am also searching the web for free homeschooling resources), all while trying to wean our 9 month old who will be potty training soon.

Wow didn’t realize how much I was doing until I read it lol I am thankful that my husband cares for the animals, keeps up the yard, helps with the housework and supports me 100%!

Though it wasn’t until I had a conversation with visitor the other night that I realized something very troubling…  My visitor was a young woman in her 20’s and my children had to “investigate” who she was when it was already past bedtime, that’s when my visitor & I ended up talking about when she was a child. Every time she mentioned spending time with her mom, her eyes lit up, and her face would glow with a great big smile. Yup that is when I realized, that while doing all of the above I have neglected my most important job…  Being a mom!

Sure I cook meals, make sure they take their showers, keep up with Dr. and other appointments &  between my husband & I they always have clean clothes to wear. You know, all of their necessities are met on a daily basis. Though I haven’t spent any quality time with them like I use to. Chasing them around the yard like a T-Rex trying to eat them, playing tickle monster or reading their favorite books before I tuck them in at night.

Even though it is important to have extra money, my main priority is to be a mom, then worry about everything else.  What are your priorities? How do you manage your priorities? Do you ever feel like you need a priority makeover?

Pooh Makeover

  Meet my chair, I bought it at the OLVA  for $2 about four years ago. Back then it only had a few lines in it. So I decided to give it a makeover.I flipped my chair over and took out the four large screws to remove the seat from the base. Then removed four smaller screws to remove the plastic from the seat . You can even see that our 9  month old trying to “help” 🙂

I also decided that I needed a little extra cushion for my makeover,

and added an old pillow to my seat.

Our 4 year old wanted to help me, so I let him shake all of the pillow’s stuffing  to the bottom of the pillow

which not only made it a perfect fit for the seat, it also allowed me to attach the pillow to the underneath to keep it in place when I sit on the chair.
I was having so much fun with our kids (especially our 4 year old) putting the chair back together

that I forgot to take pictures of some of the steps 🙂

This is the seat after I attached the pillow and an a blanket that our 9 month old out grew.

I tucked the blanket into the plastic base with the back of a butter knife,

pulled it tight as I could get it and screwed it into place

before screwing the plastic to the seat.The backrest only has two screws, and I used a butter knife to pop the plastic off,

 found a stained Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt that had pockets and cut the shirt to fit the backrest.

I used the pockets to my advantage, as the board rested in the pockets allowing me to pop the plastic back into place.

Then the butter knife was used again to tuck the rest of the shirt into place

Nice & Snug

Is it perfect? Absolutely Not lol,

it has “Character” in more ways than one.

It feels better on my bum and my eyes, all of our kids & even my husband had to check it out


It didn’t cost me anything other than time,

was rewarding to have our 4 year old help take it apart & put it back together,

it looks and feels better,

and I did it myself!Are you planning any DIY projects? What kind of projects are you planning or have you done before?

We moved away from the city just over 8 years ago, and at first I had absolutely no clue what the “country” life would entail. I had lived in a couple of rural areas as a child, and even visited a farm or two, though I spent most of my time in school or on the road and never learned the whole process of growing or harvesting a garden or caring for the animals. Therefore it was intimidating for me to grow my own food.

Sure I knew that a seed sprouts, the roots take minerals and water from the ground to give the plant means to perform photosynthesis, and eventually produce my food, though I didn’t know when I was suppose to water the plants, or when to fertilize and what was I to use that wouldn’t compromise  the quality of my food. Which gardening over the years has taught me most of this information 🙂

But I still get confused on what seeds to purchase, especially after I read Agricultural Biotechnology Before You Judge, which made me angry to think that the tomatoes I grew and fed to my children most likely had fish genes in them. I am so thankful that no one is allergic to fish in my house, but what about the families who are? On top of that, what Other Genes are we eating that we are clueless about? Not to mention what these seeds can  potentially do to our farmers, but I think I’ll leave that for another post.

Where I live the seed packets don’t say Organic, or Non-GMO on them. So I was ecstatic when  one of the websites I subscribe to called The Prairie Homestead sent an interesting newsletter about the Seeds of the Month Club. Organic, Heirloom, Non-GMO seeds sent to my door, for just over $3 a month! I’ll never have to be confused again, and I’ll get more hands on growing experience with new foods 😀

Seeds of the Month Club

There is so Much information on this site from How To Articles and Videos, lists of Free Ebooks which are updated regularly, and a lot more!  After I signed up  for my seeds (through PayPal which Is my top choice payment option) I found out that I can even earn Free Seeds just for having other people join this great club, and if you join, You can earn free seeds for referring members as well!

Do you already have an Organic seed supplier? Who are they, where are they from and what do you like most about them?

Check out my Wish List

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