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How To Make A Friend

The past lies in the future

The future lies in the past

It takes time

To make something really last.


A good person is hard to find

When you do

Losing them is the last thing you want

So keep that thought in the back of your mind.


You have to respect

People’s property and how they feel

In return you will gain the same.

Within the time it takes for the pain to heal

You will realise that life

Is nothing more than a game.


Communication is key

In a great relationship

To lose this key in life

Can cause yourself hardship.


It is hard to live life

When forced to distrust

Give no reason for a person to doubt

Honesty is a must.


If you’re still together in the end

You will have commitment

Because you will have more than a relationship

You will have made a great friend.









One at a time

Higher and higher

Unless you get stuck

You could be as hot as fire.


Some call it luck

Others call it aim

Never the less

They’re both kind of the same.


Some die quick

Some die slow

And until the end

A winner you will not know.


When you reach the center

And hit it too

A great sensation

Will come over you.


Lets see who can win

Between you and I

Lets see who can score

The next Bullseye.



English: Dart board bullesye


The world around me spins
Yet I stand still
Waiting for my number
Just trying to chill

I have come to realize
That I can never learn too much
The smarter I am
The harder I am to touch.

Still I have so much to learn
As days pass me bye
I wave them on as they are nothing more
Than a grey cloud in the sky.

When I start to feel as if I’m too late
To change the hands of time
Everything seems to come together
Like a charming melody of a wind chime.

Whether I do it myself
Or someone lends a helping hand
Learning from my experience
Is life’s only demand.

Apply my collective wisdom
To the struggles in which I face
When the battle is done I will find
That there is more to life than ‘First Place’.

Love Courage and Knowledge
Often leaves me with burns
As I look upon my scars I realize
That my world still turns.


My Artwork May 2012

My Artwork May 20123/3/2002



Noises all around me

Though there is one that I adore

As it races through the building

My soul just seems to soar.

It lifts as it pleases

And needs a lot of food

Even though it has it’s downfalls

Without it, we would come unglued.

There use to be a twinkle

In the monster’s eyes

And I mourn

As it slowly dies.

I use to feel the warmth

Now it’s stone cold

Carrying the eyes of the devil

The monster now only cares for his gold.

I never had to worry

When the monster came near

Now it’s all gone

I’m forced to work in fear.

English: Coventry Climax forklift truck

I wonder if I’ll ever see

The twinkling eyes of my friend

The one that reassured me

That I was safe until the end.

I know it’s just a daydream

To have things like once before

As long as the devil drives the monster

Across the factory floor.




Good and Bye

We already promised

To never say the words Good and Bye.

As long as they are together

Between you and I.


I can cope with See-Ya-Later

Though the idea I do indeed despise.

I thought you would take it like a gator

But you took it like a kitten to my surprise.


When I am around it hurts me

For I don’t know what to say to you.

Especially when you said to be

Honest and true.


I am very sorry to say

This is something that can’t be done.

I would love to tell you and have you stay

Yet I am afraid that you’ll take it the wrong way and run.


I need you in my life

For the memories will never end.

I know I can never be your wife

Though I can’t live without you as my friend.


So please keep that promise

Between You and I

Never say these words together…

Good and Bye.



A New World

A world of Love & Laughter

For you and I.

A world to raise a family and know

That we can make it bye.


A world where there are Spring Breezes all year round

As you’re running naked and free.

Of all the places in the universe

That is the planet where I would like to be.


No one to bother you

Not a care in the world to break your mood.

Water that keeps you young

Fruits of wisdom as your food.


Oh how life would be sweet

If we could lay there covered with the only Golden Fleece

Staring at the stars and moon in total peace.


Where is this New World

I want to take you there now

If we work together and bring this New World upon us

We can make it, we will figure out a way how.


Bear with me a little while longer

And in this New World We will find

That our love will grow much stronger.



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