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I am having so much fun on tsu! I have made friends, I  have a good following so far, And I am earning just to create and share things I love, like I do on Facebook, Twitter and G+

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I will try almost anything to earn online, and this site is free to join so I have nothing to lose. I am going to promote and try to reach the easy payout of $30, if I get paid  I be Happy!

Though, either way I will update everyone to whether is does pay or not.

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I Found This To Be A Scam! Once I reached the cash out threshold they wanted me to complete offer to receive my pay!

If I would have seen this a year ago I would have passed by without thinking twice, why? Because I have tried blogging for money several times and failed. However, just over a week ago I accomplished what I thought would never be possible, I earned my Very First Payment from Blogging! Hopefully I can keep it up, and if I do, these tips are great. Go have a look…  3 Ways to Keep Manage Taxes as a Blogger | Blogelina.

ChatAbout is an online social networking site that goes beyond sites that we may know. I joined roughly 9 or 10 months ago, and really liked the concept of having different topics that members could post on. Back then I posted in their Pregnancy forum and their Sweepstakes forum, though I quickly lost interest in my quest of online money. Though the whole concept of being able to Chat About so many things kept me from deleting my account, and I always visited when I received emails.


A few weeks ago I responded to one of my ChatAbout emails to find out that they have changed. They added some new features like the News Discussions and Questions & Answers and something else… Something I have not seen on any other site. A Point Reward System the gives me points to Chat About the things I do or don’t like! How awesome is that?! With Thousands of Topics I can search and find just about anything, and if I can’t find what I am looking for? I can simply “Start Topics”!


I can earn 2 points each for commenting or replying to Topics, commenting on News Discussions and for Asking or Answering Questions, up to 50 points a day.  I also earn 5 points with the Daily Poll. Doesn’t sound like that much right? Well there’s more! On top of the 55 points I can earn Unlimited points other ways.


I can write as many reviews a day I want worth 5 points each, as many articles a day I want at 20 points each (both subject to review by administration and credited within 24-36 hours after submitting) and a 20% of friend referral points for life!  If all of that is not enough there are more point earning opportunities… The Bonus Area. This area is updated daily, it is where the Daily Poll is found, there are videos that I can watch to earn points, free to try offers, surveys and trialpay offers and much more!


What can I use my points for? I can use them on cool prizes  like necklaces, iPhone cases, cosmetics and more. They even added Amazon.con Codes and PayPal.


Can you join and earn your own points? If you are at least 18 years old and are located in the US, Canada, Australia, or UK then you are eligible to join. If you would like you can use my Referral Link    (I only get one point per unique click) or you can head over to ChatAbout yourself and check it out.


Do you know of any social network sites that  “reward”  you? What topics do you like to Chat About?



After trying to redeem $20 from ChatAbout they removed me and Everything I wrote from their site.  I emailed them inquiring why they removed me and they refused to answer my email. Some people have great success with this site, though I forewarn you, if you decide to check them out, they can and will delete you for no apparent reason.


*I have received an incentive for this post though My Opinions of this site are 100% Mine. Please read Full Disclosure for more details. 


Plan (C)ontract

I have never had any luck using charts with my children in the past, but as the years have gone by, I figured I would give it another shot. Again The Plan fell through, though I have to say, they did get farther this time. They wrote down their own ways of earning and losing their pennies, and have been keeping track by paying (or making me pay) on the spot. So I came up with Plan C or Plan Contract. Yes I know I skipped Plan B, but I am saving that for Plan (B)oys 😉

My oldest girls wanted computer/tablet time, and I wasn’t going to give in to them without getting something out of it. So I decided that 2 cents a minute would be a fair price and allowed 30 minutes, which would cost them 60 cents total. There is a catch though, I would not take a full payment, I made them give me a down payment and each of them came up with chores to do with appropriate rates, in order to pay the remainder.


Contracts (Photo credit: NobMouse)

Kc’s contract looks like this:


30 minutes @ 2 cpm = 60 cents

Down payment of 5 cents = 55 cent remainder


She agrees to:
1. Fold laundry 2x @ 5 cents = 10 cents
2. Pick Everything off from the kitchen floor 1x @ 10 cents = 10 cents
3. Clean table Properly 2x @ 10 cents = 20 cents
4. One sink full of dishes is 5 cents, but I told her if she did One Full Load (2 sinks full) I would give her 15 cents to finish the contract.


To make it a little more interesting to them, and more convenient for me, the contract has a twist. If all chores on the contract have been completed on or before the 7th day, not only will they get their deposit back, they will get a bonus 20 cents as well.


This contract does not include normal chores. Any chore that is done outside of the contract will still earn them their pennies, just as the fact if they do not do their normal chores I will be taking pennies. So far (Knock on Wood) this has been working.


Noises all around me

Though there is one that I adore

As it races through the building

My soul just seems to soar.

It lifts as it pleases

And needs a lot of food

Even though it has it’s downfalls

Without it, we would come unglued.

There use to be a twinkle

In the monster’s eyes

And I mourn

As it slowly dies.

I use to feel the warmth

Now it’s stone cold

Carrying the eyes of the devil

The monster now only cares for his gold.

I never had to worry

When the monster came near

Now it’s all gone

I’m forced to work in fear.

English: Coventry Climax forklift truck

I wonder if I’ll ever see

The twinkling eyes of my friend

The one that reassured me

That I was safe until the end.

I know it’s just a daydream

To have things like once before

As long as the devil drives the monster

Across the factory floor.




The Plan

Over the past couple of weeks our children have had a greater fascination for the money inside of the piggy bank. Taking the change out and putting it back in, separating the pennies and nickels, driving me nuts with the mere fact that I have to keep my eyes peeled for lingering coins where the baby crawls.

The other day our middle daughter, Mae, asked me if she could get a penny for cleaning the table, so I grabbed a penny from my pocket and gave it to her. A couple of hours later I held up a dime and looked at the sink, she took the dime and went over to start the dishes (note to self, never pay for a job until I have finished inspection).

Last night was a rough night for our youngest, Nse, as she is cutting more teeth , so I didn’t sleep well. As a result I was able to hear our oldest boy, Ice, when he had an accident and was able to prompt him to the restroom to finish his business. My husband, woke up and helped me out and had told Ice that he needs to try a little harder to wake up dry, and tried encouraging him to wake up dry to earn money. This is when it hit me… Pennies…

I am still in the early stages of this new plan, though for the most part, each child will start out with 100 pennies and will have 2 charts. One will be to record everything that they earn, the other for what they owe their father and I. At the end of each week we will tally up all of the charts and pay (or take) what is due. Once they have reached a certain amount, they can buy themselves something that they want, or just save it, whichever.

The charts will have general concepts like, Do the dishes when asked without hesitation earn a penny, Do dishes without being asked earn 2 pennies, or Refuse to do dishes when asked owe us 2 pennies. While making the charts unique to each child for example: For each day Doe does not take food from the fridge without asking he will earn 2 pennies, but For each day he does take food without asking he will owes us 2 pennies.

Though I am not stopping there as we go through an awful lots of snack foods and drinks, so for now on, they will have to decide if they want to pay for a snack or drink outside of what we give them. I am hoping that our oldest, Kce, will learn that even though food ‘Dose grow on trees” doesn’t mean you have to eat it all at once.

There are so many lessons which can be learned by this process, including but not limited to, How to use charts, math concepts, responsibility, perseverance & the value of money. Now I realize that this is not going to be an easy transition as it takes 21-28 days to break or “make” a habit, but I am going to give it my best shot… Wish me luck 🙂

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Over the past few years I have been looking for ways to earn money through the World Wide Web, and it wasn’t easy, but I have found various ways of making and saving a little extra money doing surveys, daily searches, reading emails, even an electronic coupon site.  Though these things have not made me a real income, so for the past year I have been engrossed with finding a more efficient way to earn money, and that’s not including everything else I’ve been trying to tackle.

I’m trying to get 2 blogs up and running & researching how to utilize facebook & other social networks to try and earn money. I am taking free online courses so I can make a business proposal and have some credibility. I am learning how to grow more efficiently & dehydrate food properly to save food & money. I have tons of appointments coming, including kindergarten graduation. Vacation will be upon us soon which I have to homeschool over the summer because one of my children is being held back, two barely passed & I have to prepare one for kindergarten (so I am also searching the web for free homeschooling resources), all while trying to wean our 9 month old who will be potty training soon.

Wow didn’t realize how much I was doing until I read it lol I am thankful that my husband cares for the animals, keeps up the yard, helps with the housework and supports me 100%!

Though it wasn’t until I had a conversation with visitor the other night that I realized something very troubling…  My visitor was a young woman in her 20’s and my children had to “investigate” who she was when it was already past bedtime, that’s when my visitor & I ended up talking about when she was a child. Every time she mentioned spending time with her mom, her eyes lit up, and her face would glow with a great big smile. Yup that is when I realized, that while doing all of the above I have neglected my most important job…  Being a mom!

Sure I cook meals, make sure they take their showers, keep up with Dr. and other appointments &  between my husband & I they always have clean clothes to wear. You know, all of their necessities are met on a daily basis. Though I haven’t spent any quality time with them like I use to. Chasing them around the yard like a T-Rex trying to eat them, playing tickle monster or reading their favorite books before I tuck them in at night.

Even though it is important to have extra money, my main priority is to be a mom, then worry about everything else.  What are your priorities? How do you manage your priorities? Do you ever feel like you need a priority makeover?

I can’t save 90% on my grocery bill like extreme couponers can, though I do use my loyalty card to save on products that I do use and love.  Recently I found a new way to save a little cash on my groceries with a new easy system which allows me to put coupons directly to my loyalty card. This program is called SavingStar.

SavingStar is a free online site, with over 100 participating stores, that allows you to register your loyalty cards and upload any coupon that interests you. Nothing to Clip & Nothing to Print!.  Make your shopping list, or just use their app while you are shopping, use your loyalty card at cash out, and within a few business day there will be credit waiting in your SavingStar account.  Once you receive $5 of credit you are ready to cash out with one of their payment options, my personal favorite being PayPal.

To top it off SavingStarVolunteerSpot have teamed together to giveaway a free month worth of groceries! You can enter using the picture or link below. Good Luck 🙂

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