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There are too many unanswered questions for me to chose a certain religion, therefor I am not religious. Though that doesn’t mean I don’t have morals, values or that I am an evil person. The following quote conveys a core aspect of my personal belief on how the world should be…

QOTD by the Dalai Lama XIV.


ChatAbout is an online social networking site that goes beyond sites that we may know. I joined roughly 9 or 10 months ago, and really liked the concept of having different topics that members could post on. Back then I posted in their Pregnancy forum and their Sweepstakes forum, though I quickly lost interest in my quest of online money. Though the whole concept of being able to Chat About so many things kept me from deleting my account, and I always visited when I received emails.


A few weeks ago I responded to one of my ChatAbout emails to find out that they have changed. They added some new features like the News Discussions and Questions & Answers and something else… Something I have not seen on any other site. A Point Reward System the gives me points to Chat About the things I do or don’t like! How awesome is that?! With Thousands of Topics I can search and find just about anything, and if I can’t find what I am looking for? I can simply “Start Topics”!


I can earn 2 points each for commenting or replying to Topics, commenting on News Discussions and for Asking or Answering Questions, up to 50 points a day.  I also earn 5 points with the Daily Poll. Doesn’t sound like that much right? Well there’s more! On top of the 55 points I can earn Unlimited points other ways.


I can write as many reviews a day I want worth 5 points each, as many articles a day I want at 20 points each (both subject to review by administration and credited within 24-36 hours after submitting) and a 20% of friend referral points for life!  If all of that is not enough there are more point earning opportunities… The Bonus Area. This area is updated daily, it is where the Daily Poll is found, there are videos that I can watch to earn points, free to try offers, surveys and trialpay offers and much more!


What can I use my points for? I can use them on cool prizes  like necklaces, iPhone cases, cosmetics and more. They even added Amazon.con Codes and PayPal.


Can you join and earn your own points? If you are at least 18 years old and are located in the US, Canada, Australia, or UK then you are eligible to join. If you would like you can use my Referral Link    (I only get one point per unique click) or you can head over to ChatAbout yourself and check it out.


Do you know of any social network sites that  “reward”  you? What topics do you like to Chat About?



After trying to redeem $20 from ChatAbout they removed me and Everything I wrote from their site.  I emailed them inquiring why they removed me and they refused to answer my email. Some people have great success with this site, though I forewarn you, if you decide to check them out, they can and will delete you for no apparent reason.


*I have received an incentive for this post though My Opinions of this site are 100% Mine. Please read Full Disclosure for more details. 


How To Make A Friend

The past lies in the future

The future lies in the past

It takes time

To make something really last.


A good person is hard to find

When you do

Losing them is the last thing you want

So keep that thought in the back of your mind.


You have to respect

People’s property and how they feel

In return you will gain the same.

Within the time it takes for the pain to heal

You will realise that life

Is nothing more than a game.


Communication is key

In a great relationship

To lose this key in life

Can cause yourself hardship.


It is hard to live life

When forced to distrust

Give no reason for a person to doubt

Honesty is a must.


If you’re still together in the end

You will have commitment

Because you will have more than a relationship

You will have made a great friend.







Good and Bye

We already promised

To never say the words Good and Bye.

As long as they are together

Between you and I.


I can cope with See-Ya-Later

Though the idea I do indeed despise.

I thought you would take it like a gator

But you took it like a kitten to my surprise.


When I am around it hurts me

For I don’t know what to say to you.

Especially when you said to be

Honest and true.


I am very sorry to say

This is something that can’t be done.

I would love to tell you and have you stay

Yet I am afraid that you’ll take it the wrong way and run.


I need you in my life

For the memories will never end.

I know I can never be your wife

Though I can’t live without you as my friend.


So please keep that promise

Between You and I

Never say these words together…

Good and Bye.



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