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I was introduced to a great homestead site with all sorts of information on gardening and self  sufficiency, though I’ll let you be the judge ♥

highlyuncivilized – this life made from greater than 50% post consumer content.


I am having so much fun on tsu! I have made friends, I  have a good following so far, And I am earning just to create and share things I love, like I do on Facebook, Twitter and G+

Want to join the fun? Sign up today! -> Lettie Easton | tsū.

Even before beginning to homeschool I have checked for free e-books though these e-books have become essential as we journey forward, as I know that there are materials that my children may not be exposed to otherwise. These materials are good for homeschooling and traditional students, so I have compiled a list of e-books that were free today.
Don’t have a Kindle? Get a Fee Reading app for your tablet, smartphone or computer here.

Free e-books do not last long so make sure to check the price before purchasing!

Rabbit Readers – First Book – Kindy & Preschool: 5 Very Simple Learn to Read Stories for Beginning Readers
Baby Birds : Smart Kids Count
A Children’s Story about Cells: For Children who Appreciate Biology
Hands and Feet with Colors: Finger Painted
Learning Same and Differences for Young Children Preschool and Kindergarten
B is for Brighton Beach
When I Grow Up I Want To Be (Picture Book for Children aged 4 to 9)
Who Plays in the Musical Zoo? (a fun guessing game for children ages baby-5 years)
First Grade
Mrs. Purdy Hatches an Egg
The Clothes We Wear Reading Readiness for Young Children
Teacher Resources
How to Teach Kids Music – 5 Best Music Games: The Best Music Activities to develop Talents of your Kids
Exercises to Math Shorts – Derivatives
Idioms For Kids
Speed Reading For Beginners: Drastically Improve Your Reading Speed in One Day
30 Days Math Addition Series: Two 1 Digit Addends, Daily Practice Workbook To Improve Mathematics Learning Skills: Maths Worksheets
Processing Time: Developing the Interpreter Muscle (The Interpreting Handbook Workbooks 5)
Effective Classroom Management: An Interactive Textbook

I hope you find some (or all) of these e-books helpful.

*Links in this post are affiliated to learn more please read my Disclosure Page, Thank You*

Have you heard of #tsu yet? It is a social networking site much like Facebook, with a couple of differences with the main difference being tsu pays you to share content. Yes you read that correctly tsu pays you to share your content.

How much can one make? Well that depends on a few variables…

How many people can you sign up? No you don’t have to sign people up to earn on tsu, though it will help in the long run. How much do you share content? Let’s face it, we all know that “Sharing is Caring”. How much do you interact with other users? The more you interact with other people’s content, the more people look at your content. Okay I think you got it 🙂

When and how can you cash out? Right now the cash out threshold is $100 and once you reach that point you can request a check. Though there is an option where you can transfer funds to other users (you can find out more on the FAQ page).

How much have you earned on tsu? Honestly I have 11 cents in my bank right now, though I have had a ton on my “plate” these past few weeks which have occupied my time. Though I don’t have anything in my bank on Facebook!

How much does it cost to join? Nothing, it’s free. However it is by invite only.

Why is it by invite only? Even though you do not need to sign people up under you, tsu does encourage you doing so. This helps them keep track of your bank because when someone from your “Family Tree” you earns then you earn.

So my question to you is… Are you ready to earn to share content? (You can always delete your account if you decide it’s not for you). Great I officially Invite you to be a part of the tsu community!

I hope to see you soon and I look forward to seeing your tsu content. tsu

Going on our two week mark with homeshooling and I have learned more about my children in this time, than I have their entire lives (sad I know) which makes me wonder… Who is the real teacher?

Am I the teacher or are they? This also makes me wonder how I should proceed from here. I know that my son Ice needs structure, Kc is a visual learner and has a short attention span when it comes to me. Mae and Doe will do almost anything to “please” me which makes them a bit more independent and little Miss Nova can talk (and understand) better than most toddlers that I know as she just wants to be like her older siblings.

I am wondering how they would do if I give them the materials for their lesson then appoint them as My Teacher. Would this make learning more appealing for them? This is one of the perks of homeschooling, I can adjust my plans according to each child’s needs, to ensure that I instill the love of learning… Wish us luck 🙂

I will try almost anything to earn online, and this site is free to join so I have nothing to lose. I am going to promote and try to reach the easy payout of $30, if I get paid  I be Happy!

Though, either way I will update everyone to whether is does pay or not.

In the mean time if you want to check it out, just follow this link

-> Earn Money easily by promoting a link – 0.5$ per referral link visit.

I Found This To Be A Scam! Once I reached the cash out threshold they wanted me to complete offer to receive my pay!

If I would have seen this a year ago I would have passed by without thinking twice, why? Because I have tried blogging for money several times and failed. However, just over a week ago I accomplished what I thought would never be possible, I earned my Very First Payment from Blogging! Hopefully I can keep it up, and if I do, these tips are great. Go have a look…  3 Ways to Keep Manage Taxes as a Blogger | Blogelina.

ChatAbout is an online social networking site that goes beyond sites that we may know. I joined roughly 9 or 10 months ago, and really liked the concept of having different topics that members could post on. Back then I posted in their Pregnancy forum and their Sweepstakes forum, though I quickly lost interest in my quest of online money. Though the whole concept of being able to Chat About so many things kept me from deleting my account, and I always visited when I received emails.


A few weeks ago I responded to one of my ChatAbout emails to find out that they have changed. They added some new features like the News Discussions and Questions & Answers and something else… Something I have not seen on any other site. A Point Reward System the gives me points to Chat About the things I do or don’t like! How awesome is that?! With Thousands of Topics I can search and find just about anything, and if I can’t find what I am looking for? I can simply “Start Topics”!


I can earn 2 points each for commenting or replying to Topics, commenting on News Discussions and for Asking or Answering Questions, up to 50 points a day.  I also earn 5 points with the Daily Poll. Doesn’t sound like that much right? Well there’s more! On top of the 55 points I can earn Unlimited points other ways.


I can write as many reviews a day I want worth 5 points each, as many articles a day I want at 20 points each (both subject to review by administration and credited within 24-36 hours after submitting) and a 20% of friend referral points for life!  If all of that is not enough there are more point earning opportunities… The Bonus Area. This area is updated daily, it is where the Daily Poll is found, there are videos that I can watch to earn points, free to try offers, surveys and trialpay offers and much more!


What can I use my points for? I can use them on cool prizes  like necklaces, iPhone cases, cosmetics and more. They even added Amazon.con Codes and PayPal.


Can you join and earn your own points? If you are at least 18 years old and are located in the US, Canada, Australia, or UK then you are eligible to join. If you would like you can use my Referral Link    (I only get one point per unique click) or you can head over to ChatAbout yourself and check it out.


Do you know of any social network sites that  “reward”  you? What topics do you like to Chat About?



After trying to redeem $20 from ChatAbout they removed me and Everything I wrote from their site.  I emailed them inquiring why they removed me and they refused to answer my email. Some people have great success with this site, though I forewarn you, if you decide to check them out, they can and will delete you for no apparent reason.


*I have received an incentive for this post though My Opinions of this site are 100% Mine. Please read Full Disclosure for more details. 


I am trying to learn ways to preserve my foods, have a safety net as well as easy meals plans… Then I ran across  472 Meals In A Jar! – Save Big, Live Better.with tons of great ideas… Some might even be made for gifts. What are your favorite ways to store food?

A great list of projects to try out, I can’t wait to get started! What are your thoughts?

25 DIY Weekend Preparedness Projects – Food Storage and Survival.

Tactical Intelligence is surely a great site full of information, so make sure to sign up for their newsletter to be the first to know about useful resources like the  Air-Force Survival Manual – Free Download.

The government is STILL in shutdown, with no end in sight! Is this the beginning of the end for life as we know it? I said before that I don’t believe in Zombies yet I do believe in being prepared, and I found a great source at…  How to Live Off the Land and Survive in the Wild.

I have spent So Much time looking for free ways to teach my children math, that I didn’t even realize that I don’t have to be searching at all! Why? Because I already know how to count, add, subtract, multiply, divide , and I know how to group objects. The only thing left for me to do is Apply My Knowledge and use it to teach my children. So I decided to start with our preschooler.

I took 15 objects for this first project, I chose cars, books and action figures. I placed them all in a pile and asked our 4 year old to separate them into groups according to what they are. After Doe grouped the objects I had him count each group and he did, “1,2,3 mommy. There are three groups” . I then reworded “How many are in each group?”  He counted five in each group, so I continued by asking him to count everything. After counting all the way to 15 he responded with “Wow mommy, there are so many!”

Finally I asked him to sort each group by size. So he took the books and the action figures, lined them all up from large to small, but he surprised me with the cars. He placed the largest one first then the next largest and he stopped. I asked him why he stopped and he said “These are the same size.” and he paused “I know!” He then stacked the two cars on top of each other and put the smallest car last in line and said “There that’s how to do it”. Such a smart little man 😀

After that we started playing with the toys and I read him a book. Not even an hour after we put everything away he was asking me if we could do it again, so we did.




Joe & I watched a movie on Saturday called American Warship, and it is about the battleship USS Iowa defending against a fleet of alien ships. Honestly I don’t believe that I will see an alien invasion in my lifetime, though what I saw at the end of the movie, which was something along the line of “The USS Iowa will be kept and maintained, with proper artillery, in a state of readiness should it ever be needed again”, made me realize that whatever situation I may face, (natural disaster, act of terrorism or whatever else) I need to be more prepared than what I am.
Even before moving away from my mother I had experienced living on the street, so I have gained an innate sense of survival skills, but I have a family to look after now! Why I haven’t started preparing years ago is beyond me, especially since we deal with Nor’easters, which can and have caused havoc all across New England and Mid Atlantic regions.So some of the things I need to accomplish over the next few months are as follows.

  • To store enough shelf stable food and water, to last 7 people and our pets for at least 6 months.
  • To have First Aid and flashlights, on hand at all times.
  • To create my own source of power to run necessary appliances.
  • To build a Solar Oven
  • To learn what to and how to barter
  • To have materials on hand to make weapons just in case I need them

I know I will think of other ways to prepare myself as well, but for now this is a good place to start. Do you prep? What are some of the things you have on hand in case of emergencies?

I always assumed  that homeschooling was obsolete, I knew some people did it, though I went to public school and pretty much thought that children had to do the same. Though I am learning that not only is homeschooling bigger that I ever imagined, but research also shows that homeschooled children may even be better educated…

Report: Homeschooling Growing Seven Times Faster than Public School Enrollment.

Pooh Makeover

  Meet my chair, I bought it at the OLVA  for $2 about four years ago. Back then it only had a few lines in it. So I decided to give it a makeover.I flipped my chair over and took out the four large screws to remove the seat from the base. Then removed four smaller screws to remove the plastic from the seat . You can even see that our 9  month old trying to “help” 🙂

I also decided that I needed a little extra cushion for my makeover,

and added an old pillow to my seat.

Our 4 year old wanted to help me, so I let him shake all of the pillow’s stuffing  to the bottom of the pillow

which not only made it a perfect fit for the seat, it also allowed me to attach the pillow to the underneath to keep it in place when I sit on the chair.
I was having so much fun with our kids (especially our 4 year old) putting the chair back together

that I forgot to take pictures of some of the steps 🙂

This is the seat after I attached the pillow and an a blanket that our 9 month old out grew.

I tucked the blanket into the plastic base with the back of a butter knife,

pulled it tight as I could get it and screwed it into place

before screwing the plastic to the seat.The backrest only has two screws, and I used a butter knife to pop the plastic off,

 found a stained Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt that had pockets and cut the shirt to fit the backrest.

I used the pockets to my advantage, as the board rested in the pockets allowing me to pop the plastic back into place.

Then the butter knife was used again to tuck the rest of the shirt into place

Nice & Snug

Is it perfect? Absolutely Not lol,

it has “Character” in more ways than one.

It feels better on my bum and my eyes, all of our kids & even my husband had to check it out


It didn’t cost me anything other than time,

was rewarding to have our 4 year old help take it apart & put it back together,

it looks and feels better,

and I did it myself!Are you planning any DIY projects? What kind of projects are you planning or have you done before?

We moved away from the city just over 8 years ago, and at first I had absolutely no clue what the “country” life would entail. I had lived in a couple of rural areas as a child, and even visited a farm or two, though I spent most of my time in school or on the road and never learned the whole process of growing or harvesting a garden or caring for the animals. Therefore it was intimidating for me to grow my own food.

Sure I knew that a seed sprouts, the roots take minerals and water from the ground to give the plant means to perform photosynthesis, and eventually produce my food, though I didn’t know when I was suppose to water the plants, or when to fertilize and what was I to use that wouldn’t compromise  the quality of my food. Which gardening over the years has taught me most of this information 🙂

But I still get confused on what seeds to purchase, especially after I read Agricultural Biotechnology Before You Judge, which made me angry to think that the tomatoes I grew and fed to my children most likely had fish genes in them. I am so thankful that no one is allergic to fish in my house, but what about the families who are? On top of that, what Other Genes are we eating that we are clueless about? Not to mention what these seeds can  potentially do to our farmers, but I think I’ll leave that for another post.

Where I live the seed packets don’t say Organic, or Non-GMO on them. So I was ecstatic when  one of the websites I subscribe to called The Prairie Homestead sent an interesting newsletter about the Seeds of the Month Club. Organic, Heirloom, Non-GMO seeds sent to my door, for just over $3 a month! I’ll never have to be confused again, and I’ll get more hands on growing experience with new foods 😀

Seeds of the Month Club

There is so Much information on this site from How To Articles and Videos, lists of Free Ebooks which are updated regularly, and a lot more!  After I signed up  for my seeds (through PayPal which Is my top choice payment option) I found out that I can even earn Free Seeds just for having other people join this great club, and if you join, You can earn free seeds for referring members as well!

Do you already have an Organic seed supplier? Who are they, where are they from and what do you like most about them?

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I can’t save 90% on my grocery bill like extreme couponers can, though I do use my loyalty card to save on products that I do use and love.  Recently I found a new way to save a little cash on my groceries with a new easy system which allows me to put coupons directly to my loyalty card. This program is called SavingStar.

SavingStar is a free online site, with over 100 participating stores, that allows you to register your loyalty cards and upload any coupon that interests you. Nothing to Clip & Nothing to Print!.  Make your shopping list, or just use their app while you are shopping, use your loyalty card at cash out, and within a few business day there will be credit waiting in your SavingStar account.  Once you receive $5 of credit you are ready to cash out with one of their payment options, my personal favorite being PayPal.

To top it off SavingStarVolunteerSpot have teamed together to giveaway a free month worth of groceries! You can enter using the picture or link below. Good Luck 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Even though it is Spring, our weather has not been very plant friendly, but we are not going to let that get the best of us. My husband has tended to our garden so far this year, as our youngest child consumes most of my time, and has a variety of fruit and veggies growing. The tomatoes, peppers, radishes, and lettuce have all started growing well. One of the two blueberry bushes he gave to me for Mother’s Day has died but the other seems to be doing great so far.

Growing radish plants

On the other hand, our corn, green beans and squash have been seeded for over two weeks and nothing has sprouted. I’ve read that these “three sisters” compliment each other while growing, though I won’t find out for myself, if our area keeps acting like winter.

Are you growing a garden? What are your favorite fruits and vegetables?

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